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We're a family operated greenhouse, raspberry and dahlia farm with all sorts of extra ideas that we love to pop in to our operation from time to time.
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  • Greenhouse

    Our greenhouse offers a vast selection of annual flowers, vegetables and herbs as well as an array of perennials and locally grown trees and shrubs. We have beautiful hanging baskets and potted up containers ready for you to take home and set right in to your space.

  • Dahlias

    Our dahlia crop is a pretty special to us; we grow dahlias as a cut flower crop supporting our local florists with locally grown blooms. We’ve expanded our selection to more than 40 varieties and are able to offer tubers and plants to home gardeners who love them as much as we do now too!!

  • Raspberries

    We planted our first half acre of raspberry canes in 2019 and have continued to expand the berry field every year since. We’re pretty excited for this crop to mature and be able to open the farm for berry picking. 

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Florists and Event Planners

We grow high quality, fresh, locally grown dahlias for Florists and Event Designers.

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To partner with Prairie Grove please email or call to apply for access.