Dahlia FAQ

You sell tubers and plants, what is the difference?

Tubers are, in fact, just the tubers. They are sold with at least one eye and ready for planting. Tubers are available for local pick-up, local delivery and shipping across Canada.

Plants are tubers that we have started in our greenhouse in one gallon pots. They are planted in April and ready to be transplanted in your garden or larger container to go on and grow up. Plants are only available for local pick-up and local delivery and are ready to leave the greenhouse in early to mid May.

When is your spring sale?

Both tubers and plants will be available for purchase in February. Email subscribers will be the first notified and first to be able to purchase. You can sign up to receive our emails on our website, scroll to the bottom to find the subscription box.

Where are your dahlia tubers from?

Our tubers are grown right here in Manitoba.

As we expand our collection, we import new varieties from other Canadian and international growers. Those tubers are grown for a minimum of one year on our farm which gives us the opportunity to trial their viability and determine if we do in fact want to offer them to our customers.

What do I do once I receive my tubers?

When you receive your tubers, open your package immediately. We will not be responsible for tubers drying out or rotting in post-shipment storage. If you are not planting your tubers immediately you may store them in their opened packages in a cool and dark place for several weeks until you are able to plant. Check your tubers often during this time to make sure there is no excess moisture, as moisture can lead to rot. Also check that they are not drying out, some shrivel is fine but if you think they are drying excessively you can pot them up.

If you are not ready to plant them outside, you can always pot them up indoors and get them growing. For more instructions on planting tubers for success, see the blog section of our website. https://www.prairiegrovegreenhouse.ca/blogs/dahlias/dahlia-tubers-how-to-plant-for-success

How much is shipping and when do you ship the dahlias out?

We offer flat rate shipping within Canada only. Due to strict phytosanitation and import/export laws we do not ship internationally.

Shipping is incredibly expensive and we have done an exhaustive amount of homework on how we can reduce this cost. We do not make money on shipping. We continue to evaluate shipping practices and costs and make changes as we can. Shipping is determined at time of check out for your area.

Tubers will not be shipped until the risk of freezing is safe for their delivery route. Dahlias are a cold sensitive crop, if tubers freeze they are no longer viable. This date is flexible and typically lands mid to end of April. We cannot predict the weather so we simply wait. You will always receive your tubers with enough time to have a successful crop.

If you insist on having them early, they can be shipped at your own risk.

You can also opt for local pick-up or local delivery. Local pick-up from our farm is always free. 

We offer delivery to our local area (Domain, Rosenort, La Salle, Ste. Agathe, Sanford, Glenlea) Tuesday to Thursday, with a delivery charge of $5.

We also offer $10 curb-side delivery into Winnipeg city limits on orders over $25! Deliveries usually go out every Thursday.

Can I get my money back if I'm not happy?

Dahlia tubers and plants are a final sale, we do not accept returns or credits for anything other than a defective product at time of receiving.

We guarantee that all dahlia tubers purchased from us will be shipped with at least one viable ‘eye’. Dahlia tubers are living things and we try our best to send you high quality product, we handle each tuber multiple times before they are shipped granting multiple opportunities of inspection. Keep in mind dahlia tubers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be bumpy and wrinkly and they are all equally viable.

In the event that you feel your tuber is not viable, you must email us, with images of the product, within two days of receiving your shipment. Together we will determine if there is a reasonable issue. If it is agreed that your tuber is not viable a store credit will be issued.

Tubers will not be replaced or credited during the growing season, as there are too many factors to determine what caused the tuber to not grow. Prairie Grove is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from pests, crop failure or weather, including freezing.

The dahlia growing isn't the variety I purchased, now what?

From time to time there is a mishap and a tuber is mislabeled; we are human after all, if that happens please notify us immediately and we will issue you a store credit. In the meantime see it as a happy surprise!!

What do I do if I suspect my tuber has a disease or virus issue?

We will never intentionally send you a tuber with known/visible disease. As mentioned, we handle our tubers many times before they get in to your hands but if we miss such an issue we will offer a store credit for the tuber. You must inspect your tubers upon receiving them, if you feel there is an issue you must email us within two days of receiving them, with images, notifying us of this problem. If we agree there is a problem we will ask you to throw the tuber in the garbage, do not compost them.

Once tubers are planted we cannot accept responsibility for disease or virus of a plant as a plant can be infected in the soil they are planted in and there is no way to know what caused the onset of the disease/virus.