Get to Know Us

Prairie Grove is a family operated micro farm; established by the Warkentin family in 2013. The farm sits in a little grove of trees on the open prairie; just a short 25 minute drive south of Winnipeg on the other side of the tiny little town of Domain. 
We love the diversity of our farm and how each crop ebbs and flows with each other; as one crop is winding down the next is coming in to season and ready to harvest.

Our greenhouse operation offers a vast selection of annual flowers, vegetables and herbs as well as an array of perennials and locally grown trees and shrubs. We have beautiful hanging baskets and potted up containers ready for you to take home and set right in to your space.

We planted our first half acre of raspberry canes in 2019 and have continued to expand the berry field every year since. Our raspberry upick is the most delicious place to be in the middle of summer! There is nothing better than locally grown, farm fresh berries. We love that you are able to pick fresh from the farm and be so connected to your food source. It’s always an exciting few weeks when the berries are ready to harvest and the field is full of people enjoying warm summer days and the burst of flavour these berries carry.

Our dahlia crop is pretty special to us; we grow more than forty varieties and continue to expand our collection curating the most beautiful of blooms. Our tubers are shipped across Canada so that home gardeners and flower farmers alike can enjoy these amazing flowers. As our own crop matures, we harvest the blooms and deliver to our local florists. We are excited to offer such a special crop to so many.

Spending time on the farm is the perfect setting to enjoy our beautiful Manitoba summers. We hope we can inspire you to enjoy growing and gardening and bring a little beauty to this corner of the world!!